Kavya Vijayakumar

Software Engineer

I joined Bitwise in June 2016 as a Software Engineer, prior to Bitwise I worked in the Streaming & Networking domains for Exterity and Huawei in India.

Having worked in different domains and technologies I was warmly welcomed at Bitwise and started working on a Medical devices project with a well experienced team of engineers who are very approachable to learn from.

Bitwise as a service company provides the opportunity to move to different domains and work on different technologies. I have been able to move to different projects where I have grown professionally, by developing my technical knowledge and also my confidence. I am now working on a different Medical devices project where I feel proud that my knowledge is put to use and help people for a better life.

I enjoy the flexibility at Bitwise and the hybrid working style is great – where you work some days from home allowing you to concentrate on specific tasks and also come into the office to meet the team and discuss face to face. In the current project that I am working on the teams are based in different locations hence working with them involves long online calls as we work together to deliver the project. Hybrid working means you can speak with teams in different locations and not disturb the rest in the office!

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