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Bitwise is a leading software engineering services provider, specialising in safety critical, real-time embedded software.


Your trusted partner for medical devices.


Expertise in secure development.


Delivering solutions in the most complex environments.


Best in class software development for real-time, safety critical systems.


High performance systems for the next generation of networks & services.

Quality & safety always comes first

Safety critical software engineering demands Quality at every step of the development lifecycle.

Enabling innovative solutions with software developed to the highest quality standards

This is what we have been doing for over 35 years.

Collaborating for your success

We apply our skills and expertise in software engineering to enable innovation and deliver solutions in sectors that demand high quality and extreme reliability.

Our clients use our services to solve challenges such as:

Accelerating development

for shorter time to market

Developing strategies

for new technology or architectures

Increasing R&D flexibility

to handle development peaks with confidence

Scoping and capturing

product requirements

Increasing the performance and maintainability

of struggling systems

Providing fully independent

validation and verification

Improving test coverage and throughput

via automation

Safety Critical Software Development 

Safety-critical typically means where a failure could mean the loss of life, significant property damage, or environmental damage. Delivering Software in this area is both difficult and expensive; for example, meeting a SIL 4 safety standard equates to < 1 failure per a billion hours of continuous operation.


Develop your career with Bitwise

Bitwise employ over 80 staff across our offices in Scotland and the Netherlands. Our exceptional people are the reason Bitwise has been at the forefront of safety critical software engineering for over 35 years.