Joe Jennings

Senior Software Engineer

I’ve been on a bit of journey during my career, first of all starting out as an electronics technician, then moved over to software development, carrying out part-time study whilst I worked.

I have worked in various software development roles for the last 25 years, including Team Lead but do enjoy being on the tools.  During that time I’ve worked on various levels of software using a variety of different languages and technologies. I often think of myself as a Jack of all trades, as I’ll learn what I need to get the job done!  I’d worked in software roles in the Automotive and ATM industries mostly, until I joined Bitwise.

What I absolutely love about working at Bitwise, is the variety of products and technologies you get to work on.  In my time here I’ve worked on products for the Energy and Medical sectors.  Initially Web Services, then onto Windows Services and now working on my first embedded device, using a microcontroller,  for the Medical Sector using C++.  That was a certainly a challenge, but really enjoyable.  There are people at Bitwise that’s worked there a long time and have a wealth of knowledge and who are always open to talk to and help each other.   The real focus is on delivering a quality product to the client.  I’ve also met face-to-face with clients which is always a good thing to build good relationships.  That’s important to Bitwise.  The company is good to its employees and usually has some sort of fund raiser for charities.  That’s important to me.  Apart from that, my family takes up my time, but when I do get a rare minute, I get out on my bike, listen to a lot of music and occasionally get to play drums, jamming along with some musical friends.

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