Brian Robertson

Development Director

I’ve been working in the Engineering Industry for 30 years having graduated with a BEng(Hons) in Electronic Systems from the University of Abertay.

I worked as an Engineer for approximately 12 years mostly developing Hardware and Software written in C for Embedded Solutions.  While working at Stoneridge Electronics I moved into Project Management and running Development Teams for 10 years, before joining the Senior Management Team heading up the Engineering Department and subsequently Director of Engineering and Site Lead over a period of 7 years.  During my time before I joined Bitwise I have managed Engineering Departments in Dundee, Stockholm and Estonia.

I have now been with Bitwise for 2 years and hold the position of Development Director.  I first heard of Bitwise about 25 years ago while working for De la Rue Card Systems.  There were a number of Bitwise Engineers that were contracted by De La Rue and they had an excellent reputation of being Quality  Engineers.  The thing that most attracted me to Bitwise is the variety of work.  In previous companies you very often work on iterative updates to the same products year in year out.  At Bitwise you could be working on a Project for the Automotive Industry for a year, then spend 6 month working on a Safety Critical Medical Device, and then move onto a Defence Project.  We have several Engineers within Bitwise that have followed that path.  Developers can be given the opportunity to innovate and work on a whole breadth of Technologies.  It’s a culture where anyone can make a contribution to the success of the business no matter how much experience you have and where you feel valued and rewarded for your contribution whilst enjoying great benefits. 

Develop your career with Bitwise

Bitwise employ over 80 staff across our offices in Scotland and the Netherlands. Our exceptional people are the reason Bitwise has been at the forefront of safety critical software engineering for over 35 years.