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We provide software development services across a range of secure environments, from financial systems and site surveillance to radar and military communications.

Our Dunfermline headquarters provides physical security with secure labs and associated infrastructure; audited and approved by defence sector customers and independent organisations.

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Safety-Critical Devices

Bitwise was asked by a prime contractor to specify, design, implement and test software for a family of safety-critical military devices.

This included both real-time embedded and manufacturing support software. Bitwise was responsible for the software safety case and was involved in the hardware design and validation process as part of the project Safety Review Board.

The system was required to operate with very low power requirements and a constrained physical footprint; in addition, the devices had to meet a IEC61508 SIL-4 Continuous safety rating with a requirement to fail safe and DEF STAN 00-56.

The system hardware design consisted of a bespoke SIL-4 rated hardware combinator and two diversely implemented (at both hardware and software level) SIL-3 rated microcontroller systems. This modular block of hardware and software was used as the ‘safe system’ on all the device variants.

The functional and safety controllers used diverse detailed design and software implementations created by diverse engineering teams. Further diversification was achieved by the test specification and execution being performed by engineers separate from the software implementation teams.

Bitwise successfully delivered the project on-time and on-budget, meeting all the required deliverables.

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