Best in class software development for real-time, safety critical systems.

We work in a range of industrial environments including energy, aerospace, and manufacturing where safety and reliability across complex, distributed systems is paramount.

Working to MISRA, EN50128, DO178-B and other industry-specific standards we also have significant experience in IEC61508 – SIL4 and CMM L5

Our experience includes

Data acquisition & wireless remote monitoring

Subsea drilling and pumping

Scheduling for engineering activities

Manufacturing control and tools

Surveillance cameras

Power & lighting control

Case study

Provisioning Systems

Bitwise designed and implemented a software provisioning solution for in-field devices over a satellite communications network to replace a complex manual business process.

The system also generated billing data based on device configuration and utilisation, providing integration with 3rd party systems for resellers and partners.

Key aspects of the solution were the capture and implementation of business processes and logic within an intuitive user interface. The database was specified, designed and tested to scale significantly past the anticipated sizing identified by the Client. The system was deployed in conjunction with the Clients incumbent IT service contractor in dual redundant data centres within the UK.

The 24/7 solution required a high-performance database due to the volume of data and multiple user groups using the system at any one time. A layered architecture was designed and implemented to separate database access, business logic and user interface behaviour and to allow separate unit testing and flexible deployment.

The solution was Microsoft .net based, using C#, SQL server and various Microsoft UI technologies. Provision was also made for a web-based user interface as part of a future product roadmap.

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