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It takes over 100 million lines of code to build a passenger car and a completely autonomous vehicle could reach 1Bn lines of code.

Working to ISO26262 and MISRA, our team has broad experience in delivering automotive solutions including every aspect of automotive electronics from powertrain and chassis to telematics for a range of different vehicle types.

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Train/tram control systems

Aerospace and industrial control

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Case study

Advancing Electronic Architectures

Bitwise worked with a large Automotive OEM to investigate next-generation electronic control units (ECUs).

With the overall goal to increase performance efficiency and reduce cost, the client specified several complex engineering challenges, including full control system capability, high accuracy temporal synchronisation – in the order of microseconds – and the use of auto-coded control system models.

Highly resilient system-level cyber security was an overriding design requirement and demanded secure communications protocols, cryptography and automated software & toolchain creation

A proprietary communications protocol was developed including protection measures such as Anti-Insertion, Deletion, Repetition, Re-Sequencing, Masquerading and Delay.

Bitwise selected a suitable microprocessor and RTOS and created a Board Support Package with a development toolchain. Bitwise also designed project specific electronics to allow the control of real automotive hardware and created software and tooling which allowed fully automated coding of the entire vehicle control system. This was then deployed onto a set of multi-purpose ECUs and used to take real examples of high-speed control systems from current production vehicles and demonstrate a dramatic reduction in the number of ECUs required.

This system was then performance tested using the Client’s existing hardware integration test environment. These tests were successful and showed that significant performance improvement and cost benefits could be obtained with these ECU solutions.  

Bitwise continue to support the client, providing expertise in the development of next-generation and autonomous driving vehicles.

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