Auto test (ATE), simulation & tools

With over 30 years of working in product development, we have tremendous experience in developing automated test tools and instrumentation. These range from manufacturing calibration testing to remote field support tools. Building tools and instrumentation from the start of a project ensures repeatable testing through R&D into production and throughout maintenance.

We work extensively with new hardware platforms and safety critical applications and these activities require test simulation and harnessing e.g. initial software testing in the absence of a robust hardware platform. This software development and testing expertise can be used to develop automated test systems which take testing to levels far above reliance on paper scripts and manual test runs.

New product development and introduction to manufacturing typically requires applications and process utilities to test, investigate, configure, calibrate, record, and program the products through manufacture. Our experience includes products shipping from tens to millions of units using third-party products such as Teststand, Test Manager, Test Director, Rhapsody, Rational, Cantata, Agilent Vee, Labview, etc.

Software application testing

We achieve software quality by applying rigorous engineering principles right from the start of the design process. This includes software designed for reuse, maintenance and testing. To demonstrate or prove software quality, a verification strategy is required including automated test and automated analysis of the code or model. Software applications can be analysed and tested for complexity and coverage, including UIs with the help of tools such as Selenium, Code Sonar, etc.