Software Safety Management

Many of our projects have to comply with a relevant set of safety standards. These have been delivered successfully, have been approved by our clients’ regulators, and have been proven to operate safely and reliably once deployed. Our projects span multiple domains: defence; automotive; rail; medical; industrial.

We have a wide knowledge of the following safety standards. We also understand the relative strengths and weaknesses of each set and how best to address them.

  • ISO 13485, IEC 62304, ISO 14971, FDA: Medical
  • IEC 61508: defence and industrial
  • RTCA DO-178B/C: defence
  • ISO 26262: automotive
  • EN 50128: rail
  • DefStan 00-56, 00-55: defence

We also cover different safety integrity levels up to and including the highest level e.g. SIL 4.

We cover all phases of the software safety lifecycle from safety planning and hazard analysis through requirements, project realisation, verification and validation to the generation of traceability and the preparation of a safety case and/or design history file.

We also have experience of contributing to a client’s overall system safety case and the relationship with the software we have been asked to develop.

We have utilised a number of tools and methods for efficient realisation of safety related software projects and as an independent company will always research and propose the most appropriate. Please contact us for more details.

Typical Safe Software Development