Why Bitwise?

Five star service

We offer outstanding sector expertise and premium software consulting and development services.

Rather than leasing developers from an agency, our clients de-risk their development and stay worry-free by outsourcing work to us. Our rates are highly competitive and while ‘body shopping’ may appear to offer short-term savings, outsourcing projects or specific work packages to us offers many advantages: reduced management overhead, cost control, formal methodologies, quality of deliverables and adherence to project milestones to name but a few.

Fast start development

Our sector knowledge gets your project moving fast and location flexibility allows you to reduce your development overheads.

Your developments can be conducted onsite or offsite according to your requirements. Often clients prefer our engineers to be on-site at the start of a project during conceptual studies, architecture design and definition of deliverables and again whenever there are important checkpoints, but the development can be done largely offsite, thus reducing overheads.

With Bitwise you have the assurance that you are working with a specialist developer capable of assigning engineering experts with exactly the right sector knowledge for fast-start development. Whether you are looking for secure payment software, wanting to reduce product complexity, going for FDA approval or getting a system to safety critical standards – Bitwise is your solution.

Why choose us?

1. It's all about our people

At the core of Bitwise is our expert team of development engineers, selected for their professionalism, expertise, capabilities and enthusiasm. All willing to go the extra mile, our consultants and engineers are, without exception, permanent staff holding a minimum of one scientific or engineering degree and on average over ten years’ experience. Highly valued, they represent our brand and form the heart of our collaborative company culture, rising to technical challenges and working to the highest quality standards.

2. The best solution for your business

We offer outstanding sector expertise, premium software consulting and fast-start development services. Our clients de-risk their development and, by outsourcing work to us, they manage development peaks without increasing staff headcount and shorten time to market. You benefit from our competitive rates without any significant increase in your management overhead and maintain excellent control of both timescales and cost as we work completely transparently whether on a T&M or fixed price basis.

3. Responsive development teams

We understand how rapidly things change in today’s business environment and our business engagement models and reporting mechanisms reflect this. Our clients have account, programme and project managers to ensure that any changing circumstances can be responded to quickly and decisively. Regular progress updates, team structure transparency and onsite presence, when required, combine to ensure that you are always kept fully up-to-date on development progress.

4. Enabling your innovation

Bitwise designs systems and develops software to enable client innovation. Specializing in safety-critical, real-time embedded software, we work closely with your product design team and take on projects from hardware right up to application level and beyond. We provide turnkey solutions or alternatively a specific part of a system as an outsourced project which is developed to your specifications and required standards. Freeing you to focus on business success.