Energy & Industrial

From real-time control to automation

We work in a range of industrial environments including O&G exploration and factory automation.

One key strength of the Bitwise team is its range and depth of communications experience, working with complex, distributed systems in demanding environments. Our experience includes:

  • Data acquisition (e.g. Oil & Gas exploration)
  • Wireless remote monitoring
  • Subsea drilling and pumping
  • Scheduling for engineering activities
  • Manufacturing control and tools
  • Distribution and warehousing
  • Surveillance cameras
  • Power control
  • Lighting control

Demanding safety-critical development

We develop software for real-time, safety and business-critical systems in areas such as energy and industrial automation/control, transportation, defence/aerospace and other sectors with high reliability, safety-relevant demands. Our process capabilities include:

  • Process development & training
  • Audits & Reviews – FMEA, ALARP etc.
  • Independent Verification & Validation
  • Existing Software – gap analysis & corrective actions

We are able to support the following safety-critical standards:

  • MISRA, EN50128, DO178-B and other industry-specific standards
  • Experience to IEC61508 – SIL4
  • Operating experience to CMM L5