Dutch Financial & Payment System


A leading payment solution provider in the Netherlands approached Bitwise to evaluate, specify, design and implement a software solution for payment terminal platforms with the intention that Bitwise would then provide long term support to maintain and onwardly develop the implementations over a number of years.

Project Phases

Bitwise’s Client intended to market two different payment terminals and, due to time-to-market considerations, a phased delivery was agreed for the application development. The development was first targeted at one product line but with a requirement that the software should be designed in such a way so as to allow for porting to the second platform thereafter.

Initially essential support was provided to ensure that all the necessary low level security requirements, for both terminal variants, were met in order to pass the strict application certification process in the Netherlands. This was handled directly, on behalf of the Client, by Bitwise with the terminal OEM and the relevant Dutch certification body.

Phase one was the deliverable on the first terminal type. This was developed, based on the legacy code, but implemented using the updated design to allow easier porting to not just the second targeted terminal type but various platforms and products which might be required in the future.

Phase two was a lot shorter than the initial phase despite the fact that there were significant product architectural differences to be taken into account between cross-platform developments. This reduced time to market was another benefit of the software design approach undertaken.

For both phases separate Certification Support was required where Bitwise was the main interface to the certification body, dealing with all issues, questions and discussions.

Enabling Innovation / Technical Challenges

Technically the main challenge was to take over the legacy source code as the project’s starting point and then to develop new software which with a portable architecture which was maintainable and able to be enhanced over a long term product lifetime.

This was achieved by designing a software architecture which included a new, innovative data handling mechanism. This ground breaking design attracted Dutch government R&D grants which recognized that this approach can be used in a variety of different embedded software environments.

Ongoing Support

Following the project completion Bitwise provided warranty and long-term software support to cover the entire product life-cycle over many years. The terms and conditions for this period were agreed in a Service Level Agreement (SLA) with the Client.

This agreement covered not just ongoing terminal development but also regular support for a bespoke developed Terminal Management Support (remote configuration /maintenance) and Automated Loading System (software download).

During the period of the SLA no serious issues have been reported proving that the architecture, design and the new data handling mechanism have provided very stable software for two different products.


In general, Bitwise has over thirty years’ experience developing payment applications to European EFTPOS and Smart Card banking standards; and employing associated security and encryption techniques such as:

  • EMV
  • PCI
  • NFC (Visa, Mastercard, Amex)
  • C-TAP (NL payment specification in various versions)
  • DCC
  • ISO 7816
  • E-Purse (Chipknip)

Bitwise also has an extensive background in implementing loyalty schemes, reservation systems and mobile telephone top-up solutions both on terminal and server based products.