Case studies


Surgical device

A medical device company approached Bitwise to assist with the development of a surgical product. A product prototype was available and we started the project with a complete review of the design, code and risks to be resolved prior to certification. We worked with the medical client to redevelop the product using some of the best building blocks of the existing design and developed a new application which was robust and fully instrumented for validation and verification testing.

Throughout the development, Bitwise worked closely with the client’s risk assessment team to ensure the patient needs, certification needs and product design were all aligned. Within a period of approximately 12 months the product was taken from prototype to FDA 510 K approvals.


Communications devices

We developed a proprietary push-to-talk interface for an advanced communications device which integrated GPS, and closed user group functionality with a modern handset design.

A device manufacturer required a variety of communications features to enable wireless access to the device, wireless calibration and the ability to pull data from the device to a PC or database server. The features included RFID induction and Bluetooth access to a PC docking station with data being consolidated via broadband or modem access to a central database server.

Telecom infrastructure

Bitwise was appointed to work with a telecommunication infrastructure company and developed a new solution for handling high volume network traffic. The product included many parallel processors and switching capabilities using the latest hardware technology based on a proprietary design which ensured robustness to achieve the demanding mission critical reliability and redundancy requirements.

The solution included various telecoms protocols and internally the product had complex data communications to achieve the reliability and parallel processing capabilities. Features included integration with management tools, interoperability standards, and remote monitoring including a web diagnostic interface.

Payment Systems

Payment terminal

A financial customer required a new infrastructure and applications to enhance their payment acquisition solution across a number of European countries. We worked with their key suppliers and developed the device and the suite of applications which included multiple standards and a variety of features for differing markets. We completed the project delivery on time taking the project from requirements through to certification and field trials including rigorous testing and automated instrumentation to ensure the certification completed smoothly.

Consumer & Multimedia

Set Top Box

A Netherlands-based set top box producer required us to implement OpenTV and design the consumer GUI for a new digital set top box. We provided a complete software solution for the digital set-top box. The software included application level development (using the OpenTV developer’s toolkit) and the low-level drivers which required porting the EN1.2 driver set to the NEC Emma chip.

The Nucleus operating system was also ported and debugged. Factors affecting the development of the application included software download (via the satellite link or cable during development), flash file systems, and security.

Digital TV

On this project Bitwise worked as a developer and an integration partner for a new device being developed for the latest generation of European TV products. We integrated components from the raw hardware chipset to third-party software components. We provided a layered architecture which supported a feature-rich application to enable fast time to market. We developed:

  • Incoming data stream drivers
  • OpenTV application
  • EN1.2 driver development
  • EN1.1 driver development
  • Transponder selection
  • Remote control handling
  • User interface development
  • Multimedia engine core for MHEG

Energy & Industrial


A major oil and gas exploration company needed a product to collect survey data for exploration using a wireless geophone solution.

The data throughput was significant using multiple wireless cells e.g. 1000 channels at up to 50Kbits/sec. We provided integration of firmware and automated test instrumentation for the solution which included integral GPS & WLAN, flash memory data buffering and remote firmware upgrade.

Lighting control

A long-term Bitwise client was responsible for installing the huge lighting system required for the Bellagio Hotel, Las Vegas. The lighting system was designed to control dimming for 2,500 stage lights.

We wrote embedded software to perform 1000 samples per 60Hz AC waveform and calculate the distortion caused by the thyristor switching on each cycle. The result was a smooth power supply to the lights over the full range of dimmer settings. The system was implemented successfully.


Engine management

A US client asked us to develop an engine management platform designed for portability for multiple powertrain applications. Our work included providing input to architectural decisions, developing hardware abstraction layer components, mid-layer/API software and hard real time ETPU software. We covered the full software lifecycle from requirement analysis to validation test for an engine management system for a 10- cylinder high performance sports car.

Features of the system included; engine stop & engine start controllers, knock detector & corrector, fuel cut controller, fuel tank level monitor, HVAC interface manager and oil pressure monitor among many others. Our team worked closely with the customer’s team, other suppliers and the in-car test team using CMM processes and we had responsibility for the MISRA compliance of the entire software application.

Our experience also includes a platform for a HEV (Hybrid Electric Vehicle) engine management system. Designing and implementing the low level software for the 3 processor architecture, we were responsible for on-board SPI communications, resolver & encoder implementations, output diagnostics and EEPROM management among other features.