Payment Systems

BitWise has been working as part of the financial and retail infrastructure across Europe for twenty years.  Our experience ranges from banking hosts and ATMs to payment terminals, loyalty card schemes and internet payments. 

Electronic payments encompass a wide range of different payment instruments and management applications/systems.

Whether your are a payment terminal provider, a solution integrator, or are involved in new methods of paying for goods and services, talk to BitWise about how our sector experience can help. 

Typical developments to date include:

  • Host systems e.g. transaction processing, non-banking and interface hosts

  • ATM solutions 

  • EFTPOS applications in many European countries (incl. certification when required)

  • EPOS/ECR systems

  • Payment terminals and PIN devices across a range of products and generations

  • Loyalty schemes, fuel card schemes, pre-payment schemes, Internet payments, etc.

  • Security including smart cards, PIN Pads, secure modules, EMV, SKIF

  • Supporting systems, Terminal Management, Card Management, Back Office

    Case Study
  • Automated testing