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Collaborating for success

The increasing rate of innovation in sectors ranging from healthcare to telecommunications is dramatically shortening the life cycle of many products that rely on embedded software.

These days, collaboration is increasingly important and many multinational OEMs are establishing global development ecosystems to stay ahead of their competition. To collaborate successfully, such companies need more than just offshore software development or teams of local contractors working on piecemeal projects. They need a software development partner that shares their vision and can be relied on to provide system architecture, software development, testing, tools and methodologies that support their long-term product road map.

We share the vision and product strategies of companies that select us as their development partner. Our partnership approach to embedded system consulting and software development ensures our full commitment to increasing the effectiveness of our clients’ innovations.

Bitwise is a leading consulting and software development service partner. Our engagement model helps clients shorten time-to-market, improve end-user experience and manage product life-cycles. Leveraging over 25 years embedded software expertise and sector experience, our development services enable our clients to innovate faster and optimize the realization of new developments.

Offering you a fast-start development service

With Bitwise you have the assurance that you’re working with a specialist developer capable of assigning software engineering experts with exactly the right sector knowledge. This enables fast-start development and shorter time to market.

Making software development worry free

We offer outstanding sector expertise and premium software consulting and development services. Rather than leasing developers from an agency, our clients de-risk their development and stay worry-free by outsourcing work to us.

Saving you time and money

Our rates are highly competitive and, by outsourcing projects with us, you get the advantages of reduced management overheads, better cost control, formal methodologies, quality deliverables and meeting your project milestones.

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